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Materials Management Advisory Committee (MMAC)

MMAC: Collaborating regionally to discuss and increase knowledge and implementation of recycling and materials management programs.

In 2005, Regional Planning staff hosted regional solid waste forums to discuss regional solid waste and recycling issues with representatives of the ten-county area. The forums identified the need for a regional framework to encourage cross-county discussion and implementation of regional solutions. Hence, the Solid Waste Advisory Committee was formed. In 2019, the members of SWAC voted to change the name to the Materials Management Advisory Council to better reflect and clarify their purpose. 

MMAC Goals

  • To provide a forum for regional networking and common needs identification and a framework for joint program implementation.
  • To respond to and advocate for legislation that meets the needs of northwest Lower Michigan’s communities.
  • To research solid waste and recycling “best practices” and the potential development of regional programs, and make recommendations to the NWMCOG Board about potential strategies and programs.
  • To cooperatively develop solid waste plans – both inter-county and regional plans – that serve the public good.
  • To reach out to elected officials to listen, inform, and educate them about solid waste and recycling issues and opportunities.




The professionals at Networks Northwest help our City Council, Planning Commission, and staff make thoughtful decisions to ensure our community is sustainable and resilient for many years to come.

Mark Heydlauff, Charlevoix City Manager