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Creative Staffing Workshop


The Creative Staffing Workshop was designed to:

  • Find creative staffing solutions
  • Understand ways to reduce cost
  • Adjust policies & procedures to better manage costs
  • Technical solutions to create efficient cost control
  • Achieve savings in taxes and with efficiencies
  • See which UI costs are entirely controllable
  • Better understand the UI system and your tax rates
  • Answers to your legal questions


Creative Staffing Presentation Materials!

Lawrence LaSusa Presentation

Lawrence LaSusa Written Report  "Creative Staffing During Tough Times"

Michael McPherson UI Cost Control Presentation


The Employer Training Council in Traverse City held a workshop to look at Creative Employer Staffing During Tough Times. Shanty Creek Resorts Director of Human Resources, Michael McPherson, and attorney Larry LaSusa discussed a number of staffing issues that can help employers control costs. Watch the video to find out more about ways employers can manage their staffing costs.



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Kathy Stuart, Michigan Rubber Products Human Resource Manager