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Animal Control Assistant Thankful for Michigan Works' Help

Sara Crawford, Kalkaska County Animal Control AssistantSara Crawford is the Kalkaska County Animal Control Assistant. She got her first paying job working with animals after going to Northwest Michigan Works! for help with employability skills. Watch the video to find out about the unique way Sara was able to thank the Michigan Works! employee who helped her.


Sara Crawford is the animal control assistant in Kalkaska County. She says she loves her job because she gets to work with animals every day.

"I like animals and I like to help to save them," said Crawford.

She has worked with animals most of her life. Her very first paying job connected to animal care was at a kennel while she was a senior in high school. Sara landed that job after going to Northwest Michigan Works! for help with employability skills like interviewing, filling out applications, and how to dress and behave around potential employers. She says the training from Michigan Works! helped give her the confidence she needed to get the job.

"That was one of my dream jobs was to work with animals; so I was quite excited that I got that job," said Crawford.

Sara Crawford with leashed dog and owner in a parkShe enjoys sharing her love of animals with people who visit the shelter. That was especially true when Aaron Moore stopped by looking for advice about a new dog. Crawford was happy to help him because Aaron's mom, Lisa Anderson,  works at Michigan Works! She was the person who over 20 years ago helped Sara learn the employability skills she used to get that first paying job working with animals.

"My mom said Sara knows a lot about dogs and I should go talk to her," said Moore.

"We had long talks about big dogs and I had him take shelter dogs for walks and he did great," said Crawford.

She did more than just offer Aaron advice. She introduced him to his new dog, Marcus. That was a great way for her to say thank you to Aaron's mom, Lisa, who helped give Sara the skills and confidence she needed to get that first job.

"I'm more grateful than anything," said Moore. "I really wanted a dog and Sara told me this one was a good one and he's been great."

"I felt honored when Lisa called me and told me she would like it if Aaron could come here so I could work with him a little," said Crawford. "It made me feel good."

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