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Benzie Broadband Summit April 5 in Frankfort

BENZIE COUNTY, MI—Community leaders, organizations, businesses, farmers, and others are invited to participate in the Benzie Broadband Summit April 5 in Frankfort. The event will run from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Garden Theatre, 301 Main Street.

The Summit is being held to promote a discussion of what rural communities could achieve if expanded access to affordable high speed broadband were a reality for residents, business, area farmers, schools, and hospitals. The Summit will include presentations and panel discussions on issues and solutions surrounding affordable high speed broadband in rural areas. Participants will have the opportunity to share resources, build partnerships, discuss ways to enhance their communities, and strengthen the work that is already being done.

Summit discussion topics will include:

·         Access to affordable high speed broadband and partnerships that can benefit rural communities;

·         Ideas and examples of creative collaborations at work in northern Michigan and beyond;

·         Strategies and next steps to continue strengthening rural communities and moving forward.

There is no fee to attend the Summit but those planning to attend are asked to RSVP to Tad Erickson, Regional Planner, Networks Northwest at: or 231-929-5053. Erickson can also be contacted for more information about the event.

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Mark Heydlauff, Charlevoix City Manager