Networks Northwest


Public Transit Agencies in Northwest Lower Michigan

Antrim County Transportation: 231-533-8644;

Bay Area Transportation Authority: 231-941-2324;

Benzie Bus: 231-325-3000;

Cadillac/Wexford Transit Authority: 231-779-0123;

Charlevoix County Transit:  231-582-6900, (231-448-2026 on Beaver Island);

Friendship Centers of Emmet County: 231-348-3425;

Kalkaska Public Transit Authority: 231-258-6808;

Manistee County Transportation: 231-723-6561;

Straits Regional Ride: 231-597-9262; Cheboygan County

The public transit agencies have formed a Directors Network that convenes regularly to share information and to identify and implement collaborative projects that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of transit services across the region. For information about the Directors Network, please contact the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments Regional Planning and Community Development Department at 231-929-5000.